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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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down after a deadly police 4th of july off to a violent start. a san francisco bart station shut down after a deadly police shooting there. plus a bloody night in contra costa county. four people killed in four separate shootings. the latest on the investigations. scorching temperatures over the weekend. cooling off slightly today. will that fog return? we'll talk about that coming up. all right, lawrence, thanks much. good morning everybody, folks. it is monday the 4th of july. thanks for being with us. i'm frank. time now 4:30. it's been a very busy night. we begin with a developing story. a man is dead after being shot by a bart police officer last night. in san francisco where the
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shooting has shut down the civic center bart station. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. trains are coming through civic center bart but not stopping that's because of that shooting that occurred last night right here around 9:30 police received a call about a man wobbling along the tracks possibly under the influence of drugs and alcohol and carrying a knife. shortly after police responded and the man was shot, killed and pronounced dead around 10:00 p.m. >> two officers working the trains downtown san francisco we immediately responded to the scene, confronted the suspect, the next dispatch was shots fired. soon to follow with the suspect was down. there were no officers injured in this shooting. >> reporter: now i did speak with the p.i.o. for bart and he said one of those officers who just found out was injured has sustained minor cuts and bruises and still trying to figure out why that was. there's still a lot of questions in general in this shooting, for example, police are not saying why the man was
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shot nor are they saying if he was shot by one officer or both officers. and the question still remains of how many shots were fired. some witnesses reported hearing three shots. others a different number. and police haven't commented if the man who witnesses say was carrying the knife was the same as the man who was shot. they did say they found glass and knives at the scene. bart is continuing to investigate into this and see if policy and procedures were followed and then the san francisco police department is investigating this as a homicide. if you're commuting this morning no stops at civic center bart station. trains will go through. we'll keep you updated as we get more information this morning. back to you. all right. kristi live in san francisco, thanks. and a bloody night in the richmond area. four people have been killed and several others injured in multiple shootings there. the first happened about 8:30 on ohio avenue. a man now in critical condition. then about 10:40 on ruby street two people were shot and killed. this happened in an
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unincorporated area of contra costa county. about half hour later one person killed in the 3200 block on center avenue. we have unconfirmed reports at this hour that a second person was shot at that location as well. and then in a 4th of july incident one person was killed and another is in critical condition. this happened at first street and mcdonald avenue area. police are investigating whether all the shootings are connected. we're going to have a live report on these shootings coming up at 5:00. federal investigators are looking into an emergency landing on a peninsula freeway where a plane struck a car. the zizania 210 touching down on the northbound 280 and woodside near farm hill boulevard happened ashed 7:15 last night. federal aviation administration says the plane left and hit the back of a wednesday while on the freeway.
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issued a may day call before trying to land the flight. no reports of any injuries. the national transportation safety board as you might imagine is investigating that landing. fireworks may be the cause of a fire that burned dozens of cars in south san francisco. the fire happened yesterday at an overflow lot for hertz rental cars on mitchell avenue some time before 3:00 witnesses spotted cars and flames. firefighters found about ten cars on fire with strong winds fueling those flames. >> the wind blowing in the northeast direction that it is was catching the grass underneath the vehicle so it's an unpaved parking lot and therefore catching more vehicles and more vehicles. we were chasing basically a grass fire under vehicles that were then catching on fire. >> 45 cars burned in all and the fire continued to smolder for hours. investigators found some fireworks debris but not where the fire started. witnesses say they heard fireworks but they may have just been popping sounds from
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the burning cars. well, if you made it through yesterday's heat today should be a piece of cake. spare the air day limits are lifted today. temperatures in the 80s and 90s and a whole lot of people at pools, parks and picnic grounds around the area any place they can stay cool and enjoy a holiday weekend with good food and family. >> this is special to come out with the family. all the kids sent them to the pool and raging waters and when they come back nice and ready. lot of folks headed to tahoe got they are still skiing. at squaw valley a warm day up there as well but highs in the 80s all around the lake. that didn't stop a lot of folks from strapping the boards on and letting it go. we're staying warm on this 4th of july as well, but we're going to get a little bit of a break today, right, lawrence? yeah. temperatures going to cool down a little bit.
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some spots well inland near 100 degrees. looks like we'll see that cooling especially towards the coastline. right now most of the coast is clear. i think a little bit later on today we may begin to see some patchy fog developing out toward the beaches. numbers right now very warm in spots. 70 degrees right now in concord. 64 livermore. 65 san jose. 50s as you approach the coastline. but clear skies all around the bay area. this afternoon again those temperatures soaring well into the 90s inland about 97 in livermore. 94 concord and 91 in san jose. toward the coast temperature there in the 60s for highs and we may begin to see a couple of patches of fog. so it looks liked to the temperatures cool slightly. tomorrow we're going to warm up again in spots inland over the century mark and some of thein interior spots. wednesday things cool down more so but in the week more fog going to intrude in some of the valleys and that will cool us down probably headed below normal as we look toward next weekend.
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that's a look at your forecast. back to you. can't complain. that looks great. okay, lawrence, thanks. look at today's public transit. it's loaded. bart and muni running on a sunday schedule. remember, the civic center station is not open because of those shootings. extra muni service for fireworks shows, golden gate transit, sam transit all running on a sunday schedule as well as cal train. also extra trains for san francisco fireworks shows coming up tonight. more drunken driving arrests in the bay area this 4th of july from friday night to saturday morning highway patrol officers arrested 67 people suspected of driving under the influence. that's ten more arrests that same period last independence day weekend. dui arrests are also up statewide. 442 drivers arrested this year compared to just 396 last year. no word yet if alcohol was a factor in a car trash that killed a fremont man in richmond yesterday morning. cal train is expected to have cameras on its trains by the end of the year.
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the cameras will be at the front and the back of each of their trains. they'll record accidents and suicides and suspicious activities along the tracks. the chronicle reports the board will probably award a contract for the cameras this week. half a million dollars state grant will help to pay for them. the jury will likely begin deliberating today in the murder trial of casey anthony. she is the florida woman accused of murdering her 2-year- old daughter. but as karen brown tells us, the defense has been pressing its case that the death was an accident. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense spent its file hours in front of the jury trying to convince them there's not enough evidence to convict her of murder. >> the reason you don't have that evidence that they're desperately trying to find is because it's an unprovable case. >> reporter: in their closing arguments they try to discredit the state's charge that the 25- year-old suffocated her 2-year- old daughter, caylee, with
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chloroform and duct tape by meticulously attacking the forensic evidence. then they pointed the finger at anthony's father saying he covered up an accidental drowning. they were not allowed to bring up allegations that he molested his daughter as an explanation of her bizarre behavior because the judge ruled they failed to prove it. >> i don't think anybody here can justify her actions, but they do not constitute murder. >> reporter: many of the seven women and five men on the jury appeared tired as the day wore on. they've now been sequestered for six weeks and finally expected to begin deliberating later today. but first the prosecution will have the final word with their rebuttal to the defense. prosecutors have already detailed how casey anthony spent the month following caylee's disappearance lying and partying with her new boyfriend. >> we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so that caylee
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went peacefully. >> reporter: the prosecution claims anthony killed her daughter because she did not want to be a mom. the defense believes she's an imperfect mother who's wrongly accused. soon the jury will decide. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. it's 4:40 now. the ceo's paychecks fatter than ever and a bay area media start up prepares to make a splash on wall street. also more people are taking that five finger discount. what you're going to see why experts say a spike in shoplifting is actually a good thing. and a race to clean up after a massive oil spill in the famous yellowstone river. the dispute about the damage to wildlife when we come back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
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but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. back now. you're looking at live pictures the civic center bart station in san francisco is shut down this morning after a deadly bart police shooting overnight. officers opened fire killing a
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knife wielding man. trains are running but not stopping at the civic center station. we're going to have another live report at 5:00. welcome back everybody. it's 4:43 now. crews have recovered the sea plane that crashed into richardson bay on friday night. the pilot's attempt and failure to takeoff was captured on video after gaining just a few feet of altitude it nosed into the choppy bay waters. the pilot and passengers were rescued by boaters. they're both okay but it took until yesterday to find the wreckage under water. and that 300-year-old oak tree in san mateo county they're going to savor after all. remove the tree nicknamed granny to make way for a pipeline in north fair oaks but now the commission says if a neighborhood organization or nonprofit takes responsibility for the oak and the land around it, it will consider tunneling under it if it is a more expensive option. so granny might be hanging out. new survey reveals that
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employees -- employee shoplifting is on the rise. according to experts that's good news for the economy. the study by the national retail federation says the spike in stealing suggests the economy is on the upswing. analysts say that's because employees are willing to take more risk when they have a better chance of finding a job. the report shows retailers did lose $37 billion last year from theft up from $33.5 billion in 2005. well, if you run a company, you are probably rolling in the dough more than ever. that's what a survey for the new york times found. top executives at 200 major american companies made 23% more than they did two years ago. their median pay was up $10.8 million. meanwhile the average american worker's pay rose one-half of 1% last year. not enough to keep up with inflation. so the rich get richer. the online video site ho loo may soon be sold. the company will talk with more
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potential buyers this week. already been in discussions with google, microsoft and yahoo. the site offers access to prime time tv shows and it's currently owned by the parent companies of three broadcast networks and private equity firm. projected to make $500 million this year. and the company behind farmville game on facebook, they are going public. the san francisco start up zynga hopes to raise as much as $1 billion in initial public offering. the company is joining several other high valued internet companies that recently filed ipos including linked in, pandora and groupon. time now 4:45 on this 4th of july. three u.s. senators making very high profile visits to afghanistan today. how they're raising doubts about president obama's exit strategy in that company and more confusion about whether cell phones actually cause cancer. what new research found about the radiation risk. and a child survives a ten
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story plunge from a balcony. the incredible way a stranger stepped in to save her. travel forecast time if you must get out we've got sunny skies, clear conditions at sfo. 79 degrees there. just beautiful in the bay area. travel across the country you'll run into a few clouds but i think okay as we head in towards chicago. looking at 81, pretty comfortable there with partly cloudy skies. continuing on toward the eastern seaboard it's going to get hot in spots. new york looking at a temperature of 90 today and partly cloudy. more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. 4:48 now. three prominent senators in afghanistan today. their plan to meet with the president there. joel brown tells us each of the senators is expressing concerns about the white house's plan to draw down the troops. >> reporter: key senators are raising doubts about president obama's withdrawal plan for
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afghanistan. >> it is an unnecessary risk. >> i really do worry that this may have undercut the momentum. i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: senators called the strategy too risky and said it could put both american troops and the mission in jeopardy. the plan which the president unveiled last month calls for pulling out 10,000 troops by the end of this year with another 23,000 gone by the end of next summer. >> i hope it will work out, but it is certainly apprise us of the necessary troops we needed for the second fighting season. >> reporter: but the obama administration is standing by its plan saying successes on the ground especially the killing of osama bin laden have made it possible. >> al qaeda is under more pressure than at any time during 9/11. >> reporter: this deadly taliban raid shows insurgents aren't willing to go quietly. >> if we don't succeed here and the taliban comes back into
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power, we'll be attacked again. >> reporter: while the debate continues, american troops are carrying on with their mission preparing to hand over security back to the afghan people. the draw down is set to begin this month. joel brown, cbs news, washington. 4:50 now. the families of two uc berkeley garage walts still being held in iran are taking part in a hunger strike now. shane and josh have been held on spying charges for nearly two years now. sara shourd who was arrested with them was released last fall. now they went on a hunger strike to be protest for letters being cut off from the families. family members launched their own strike to show solidarity. damage from an oil spill at yellowstone river. a pipeline ruptured on friday spewing about 42,000 gallons of crude into the famous waterway.
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the damage is limited but montana's governor says it's silly to make such a claim so early in the television. environmental protection agency says only a small fraction of the spilled oil is likely to be recovered. no word yet what caused that pipe to burst. it is now known what caused one of the biggest wild fires in new mexico's history. fire officials say a tree falling on a power line sparked the fire that erupted back on june 26 in los alamos. so far the fire's spread through 189 square miles and only 19% contained. authorities have now let about 12,000 residents to return back to their homes. it was a scorching weekend here in the bay area. some temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. we just haven't seen that kind of heat in quite some time. now looks like numbers will cool just a little bit for today. yes, we're seeing very mild temperatures out there right now. 50s and 60s and even 70s in
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some interior spots. outwaited the coastline mostly clear but we may begin to see a hint of fog return to the beaches for today. this afternoon getting near 100 degrees but probably just shy. still sunny and hot there inside the bay you'll see sunny skies. a bit of an afternoon breeze. 80s even 90s in toward the santa clara valley. coastline late in the day couple patches of fog begin to move on shore. numbers looking like this now. you still have 70 in concord. 64 in livermore. 65 in san jose. and 59 degrees in oakland. if you do plan on doing any traveling around the state away from the coastline you're going to find some heat. you're going to see 100 in sacramento. a hot 105 in fresno. 80s and 90s in the high country. and can you believe they're still skiing up there? something else though this ridge is starting to weaken somewhat. so we'll see more heat today. but it will be cooler than it has been over the last couple days. we're not done with the heat just yet. in fact tomorrow may even get warmer. numbers around the bay area going to look like this.
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plan on 80s and 90s in the south bay. 60s towards the immediate coastline. close to 100 in places like brentwood and antioch and livermore 70s and 80s inside the bay and looks like the temperatures staying in the 70s and 80s and even 90s inland across much of the north bay s. with that in mind looks like tomorrow a little hotter than today. a chance of fog returning to the coastline a little bit later on today if you've got some plans then it looks like we are going to see a whole lot of fog, much cooler temperatures as we head in toward next weekend. that's a look at your forecast. back to you, frank. lawrence, thank you. this is live look at 101 in san jose. you can see pretty sparse out there. smooth sailing on the roads i would think all 4th of july holiday today. reminder public transit is running on a sunday schedule. if you're heading out today i think you should be okay. although a lot of folks heading home tonight. keep an eye on the roads. the new cigarette warnings are working and not even on the packs yet and cell phone users
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we can all breathe a little easier. terrell brown has this morning's medical update. >> reporter: new research is raising doubts about whether cell phones can cause cancer. the review of previously published reports found no convincing evidence of any cancer connection. the findings come just a month after the world health organization reported that cell phones are possibly coarse generallic. babies as young as three years old can respond to emotions in people's voices. that's the word from researchers who looked at brain scans of nearly two dozen sleeping infants. scans showed activity in the temporal cortex when they heard sounds like laughing and crying. graphic new cigarette warning labels may already be doing their job. calls to a national smokers quit line more than double the day they hit the immediate y. the warning labels won't appear on cigarettes until next year. they were unveiled to the media last month. those are some of the day's top medical stories. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. an incredible story this morning out of china. a 2-year-old girl fell from a
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tenth floor balcony and she survived. she was caught by a woman standing below. it happened saturday. the woman says she saw the child dangling from a balcony and when she fell the woman sprinted into place. the impact broke the woman's arms. child suffered some internal injuries but should be okay. the rescuer says all she could think of was that little baby and her own baby and says she didn't hesitate to jump in and help. lucky little girl. royal couple is visiting canada's prince edward island as part of their first trip abroad as newlyweds in canada. their nine da canadian tour is now about halfway over. yesterday the duke and duchess of cambridge spent much of the day in quebec city. met by cheering fans and people protesting the monarchy. tennis player from syria
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taken the title. 20-year-old defeating raphael of spain yesterday in four sets. this was the first time he was a i believe to beat the big guy in a grand slam match. it was also his first title in a tournament with grass courts. first wimbledon title. congratulations there. plenty to do in the bay area to celebrate the big 4th of july weekend including a number of parades. one of them will be in downtown concord. that starts at 10:00 this morning. and in the north bay novato will have a 4th of july parade at 10:00 in the old town area. and to the south morgan hill parade starts downtown about 10:00. and fireworks of course. celebrations all around the bay area tonight. we have a complete list of places to go and view. all you have to do is go to our website at time now 4:56. following two developing stories this 4th of july.
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we're live at a deadly bart station shooting. contra costa county. what we'll be right back. back at the 5:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closed, after a police shooting. what led up to the deadly a violent start to the 4th of july. a bart station closed after a police shooting there. what led up to that deadly gunfire? and four people killed in a string of separate shootings in contra costa county. the possible connection between them all. temperatures cooling off slightly around the bay area today. still going to be hot and where will that fog be for the fireworks? i'll talk about that coming up. all right, lawrence, thank you very much. nearly 5:00. happy 4th of july everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:59. very busy night news-wise. we're learning more about the bart officer involved shooting in downtown san francisco. kristy siefkan is at the civic center bart station with new information. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. last night here about 9:30 is when bart police received a call


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